“Tooth Tips” on 89.9 WAY-FM – Part 1

We are doing some “Tooth Tips” for 89.9 WAY-FM (the best Christian radio station in Birmingham) and we wanted to share them with you. We will be releasing the three one-minute spots over the next couple of weeks. This radio station plays the best Christian music, with the least commercials. Dr. Baxter also had a […]

FAQ: How can I protect my kid’s teeth at Halloween?

This is going to sound crazy, but eating Halloween candy on Halloween is not dangerous for your teeth. The bigger concern is when the candy is eaten frequently throughout the year and becomes a habit. For example, it’s much better for your child’s teeth to allow them to eat whatever candy they want on Halloween […]

FAQ: Why are baby teeth important?

FAQ: Why are baby teeth important? They’re going to fall out anyway, right?! Baby teeth, or primary teeth, are present in the child’s mouth from around 6 months until they are twelve. Baby teeth are critical for a child’s eating, smiling, speaking, and facial development. With good brushing and flossing, and with a reasonable diet […]