NO Juice for Infants… (and other kids for that matter)!

You have probably seen the articles on social media about the new juice guidelines put out by the American Academy of Pediatrics. We wanted to add our voice of support to all the press and tell you a little bit more about why this is such an important change to the guidelines! Ask any pediatric […]

Why did we get a new laser?

Why did we get a new laser? We had been using the iLase dental laser from Biolase. It’s a pen-like device that belongs to a subset of lasers called “diode” lasers. Basically, how it works is the tip is “initiated” by something like cork or blue paper before each use, which then focuses the laser energy […]

“Tooth Tips” on 89.9 WAY-FM – Part 2 – First Visit

Here’s part two of our “Tooth Tips” from 89.9 WAY-FM.     Transcript below: This is Dr. Richard Baxter from Shelby Pediatric Dentistry with a few tips about oral health for children. First, it’s best to bring your child to the dentist for the first visit by their first birthday. Seeing a child by age […]

“Tooth Tips” on 89.9 WAY-FM – Part 1

We are doing some “Tooth Tips” for 89.9 WAY-FM (the best Christian radio station in Birmingham) and we wanted to share them with you. We will be releasing the three one-minute spots over the next couple of weeks. This radio station plays the best Christian music, with the least commercials. Dr. Baxter also had a […]

FAQ: How can I protect my kid’s teeth at Halloween?

This is going to sound crazy, but eating Halloween candy on Halloween is not dangerous for your teeth. The bigger concern is when the candy is eaten frequently throughout the year and becomes a habit. For example, it’s much better for your child’s teeth to allow them to eat whatever candy they want on Halloween […]

FAQ: How should I brush my child’s teeth?

FAQ: How should I brush my child’s teeth? Brushing your child’s teeth changes as they get older. It’s important to start brushing your child’s teeth at 6 months, or as soon as the first tooth comes in. Make sure to use just a smear of fluoride toothpaste for children age 6mo to 2 years, and a […]

Saltwater or Living Water

Saltwater or Living Water  In many dental offices, you will find an aquarium in the reception area. In fact, much of the movie Finding Nemo revolves around a fish tank in a dental office. When we looked at how much it would cost to install a nice, average-sized saltwater tank in our office, it came […]

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