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“Tooth Tips” on 89.9 WAY-FM – Part 1

by | Mar 17, 2016

We are doing some “Tooth Tips” for 89.9 WAY-FM (the best Christian radio station in Birmingham) and we wanted to share them with you. We will be releasing the three one-minute spots over the next couple of weeks. This radio station plays the best Christian music, with the least commercials. Dr. Baxter also had a chance to meet all of the DJs on his trip to Ghana in January (purely by coincidence) when they were on the same flights to Amsterdam and Accra, Ghana for a trip with Compassion International.


We hope you enjoy the first tip on sugar. Click below to play.

Here’s the transcript:

This is Dr. Richard Baxter from Shelby Pediatric Dentistry with a few tips about children’s oral health. Be careful with the amount of sugar in your child’s diet. Sugar can sneak in through obvious ways like candy and sugary drinks. But be careful with fruit juice because most fruit juices, even no sugar added apple juice contain more sugar than most soft drinks. In addition, frequency is more important than the amount of sugar consumed. For example if your child eats fruit snacks or drinks juice in small amounts throughout the day, that is worse for their teeth than having dessert with dinner or having juice with lunch. We recommend drinking water throughout the day, and white milk with meals. This will keep the time that the teeth are touching sugar to a minimum. We hope these tips can help you and your child stay cavity free! More oral health tips are on our website at ShelbyPediatricDentistry.com. And our office number is 419-7444.

Tooth Tips are made possible by Shelby Pediatric Dentistry, a business impact partner with WAY-FM.


Please let us know if you have any questions about sugar in your child’s diet. Our number is 205-419-7444.