NO Juice for Infants… (and other kids for that matter)!

You have probably seen the articles on social media about the new juice guidelines put out by the American Academy of Pediatrics. We wanted to add our voice of support to all the press and tell you a little bit more about why this is such an important change to the guidelines! Ask any pediatric […]

Why did we get a new laser?

Why did we get a new laser? We had been using the iLase dental laser from Biolase. It’s a pen-like device that belongs to a subset of lasers called “diode” lasers. Basically, how it works is the tip is “initiated” by something like cork or blue paper before each use, which then focuses the laser energy […]

“Tooth Tips” on 89.9 WAY-FM – Part 2 – First Visit

Here’s part two of our “Tooth Tips” from 89.9 WAY-FM.     Transcript below: This is Dr. Richard Baxter from Shelby Pediatric Dentistry with a few tips about oral health for children. First, it’s best to bring your child to the dentist for the first visit by their first birthday. Seeing a child by age […]

FAQ: What are the different ways you can fix my child’s cavities?

FAQ: What are the different ways you can fix my child’s cavities?   Actual picture of a patient treated by Dr. Baxter.  The treatment we use for children will depend on many different factors and can be quite complex. The two most important factors are the child’s age and their risk of future cavities. The treatment […]

Does my child need braces?

FAQ: Does My Child Need Braces? We hear this question daily too! Sometimes, parents ask if their two year old will need braces… and often it is too early to tell. Typically we can spot major problems early (severe crowding, jaw growth problems) around age 4-5. Once the permanent teeth start to erupt, we can […]