Saltwater or Living Water



In many dental offices, you will find an aquarium in the reception area. In fact, much of the movie Finding Nemo revolves around a fish tank in a dental office. When we looked at how much it would cost to install a nice, average-sized saltwater tank in our office, it came to around $3,000. Not to mention all of the ongoing maintenance and time spent worrying about cleaning and stocking it.

As an office, we have a book club on Fridays, and right now we are reading the book Radical by David Platt (who was our pastor at The Church at Brook Hills until he became the president of the International Mission Board last year). In it, he talks about the 26,000 children that die every day from starvation or preventable diseases, like diarrhea. Many people around the world walk for an hour (or more!) each way, every day, in order to gather water from a contaminated water hole. Almost 800 million people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water. Considering how blessed we are to live in America, and having heard the words of Jesus who says to his disciples to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and give water to the thirsty, I realized that we could use the money for a fish tank in a better way. So we have decided to partner with Neverthirst, a Birmingham-based organization that works around the world to bring clean water to communities by building water wells and partnering with local churches. Once the well is drilled and there is clean water to drink, the pastors of the churches share with others in the community about the Living Water that Jesus brings.

We want to invite you to consider partnering with us and with Neverthirst. We will be donating $3,000 to build a well with Neverthirst in India. We have set up a website with NeverThirst where you can donate toward providing clean water to a community, and in addition to the first $3,000, we will also match every dollar you donate. No amount is too small! Maybe together we can build two or three wells! Let’s be a part of eliminating dirty water for children and their parents around the world who are dying every day. We want to be wise stewards of the resources that we have been entrusted with, and look for opportunities to help those locally and globally.

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