Gentle & Comforting Dental Care

We take your child’s oral health seriously—that’s why Dr. Baxter is committed to using the best dental techniques and equipment possible. He realizes that your child’s early dental experiences are pivotal to the health of his or her teeth, gums, and facial development. To make sure your child receives an exceptional dental visit that is not only gentle and effective, but also educational and fun, Dr. Baxter and our friendly team talk to you and your child in order to learn about his or her unique personality. This helps us learn about past dental visits, concerns, and any discomfort they may have been experiencing prior to their visit. We do everything we can to make your child feel comfortable in our care.

Fun & Inviting Dental Practice

We know that some children are intimidated and even scared of dental visits, especially if they’ve had a bad experience in the past. To keep your child entertained and engaged, we have kid-friendly amenities from the welcoming area to the treatment room!

Toys, Books, iPads, and Video Games - Shelby Pediatric Dentistry

Toys, Books, & iPad Bar

Whether your child likes to unwind with a good book, play with the toy kitchen, or get lost in an awesome game, we have something to entertain kids at every age!
Complimentary Beverages - Shelby Pediatric Dentistry

Complimentary Beverages

Feel free to grab a glass of water or a cup of tea or coffee in our reception area.
Free WiFi - Shelby Pediatric Dentistry

Free WiFi Throughout the Office

Free WiFi helps you stay connected anywhere in our office.
TVs Above Dental Chairs - Shelby Pediatric Dentistry

TVs above Dental Chairs

We encourage our patients to relax and watch a movie while we work. Distraction is a great way for kids to enjoy their time at the dentist!
Treasure Chest with Prizes - Shelby Pediatric Dentistry

Treasure Tower with Prizes

Before you leave, make sure your child gets to select a special prize from our treasure tower.

We look forward to treating your child!

Pure, Honest Dental Care

Along with providing your child with a fun and friendly dental home, we also do all that we can to ensure that his or her dental visit is safe for their health and environmentally “green.” We have done a ton of research, talked to experts, and implemented a plan to provide you and your family with pure, honest dental care. We strive to have the highest ethical standards and will only provide your child with necessary and beneficial treatment, as we would treat our own children.

Our Commitment to You & Your Child

We look forward to treating your child!

Advanced Technology

We invest in state-of-the-art dental equipment that helps us catch problems like tooth decay and improper tooth eruption and allows us to treat your child’s teeth in the best way possible. This technology can save you time and money and save your child from more extensive dental treatments in the future.

Our Technology

We look forward to treating your child!